The mask of beauty.


The level of observation , observing the mask of beauty. The way her golden foundation glistens in the sun rays. Or her irresistible bright Colgate smile. Is that the beauty ?? The camera always held in one hand close to her face looking for the minute of imperfections , but little did she know it was those same imperfections who made her who she is today. All the trials , pain , heartbreak led to this. Your mind is beautiful , the beauty of the mind is orgasmic , the way you can get so much feeling from gaining wisdom , having deep conversations about similar interests. Beauty has so many faces , so many perspectives. It’s beautiful to see someone care for the homeless , volunteer at church , aid you when you’re sick , answering your 3:00 am anxiety to calm your mind………… what’s your beauty ??

Thoughts on Paper.


Little Blue Bird

I see you every morning just perching on my desktop. While my eyes are opening you seem to be whistling and singing. This little Blue bird we always give attention to every morning and late night , spilling out our heart as it just continue singing and chirping.  For you see this website called Twitter , it isnt a place one should place their emotions and feelings on. We do it when there is no one but yourself but need some way of expressing yourself. We do it when we are alone. Over the years being in social media , watching it enter our lives , seeing how people changed . Getting favourites and likes is someone happiness knowing that people likes their image and not the canvas it was painted on . This little blue bird was never a friend but a burden of assumptions and accusations time after time again.

Slice of π , ” Pi “

A slice of a never ending number , 3.14159…………… , My life is always continuous , always growing its never ending , learning something new everyday. I love this about life , adapting to every situation. Is my  π complete far from , we decide to take many roads to reach one destination , we want a woman , a wife , someone who has qualities , some morals , value herself. What i can do whole day today is just sit bask in the sun on a beach , listen to reggae , enjoy the scenery , enjoy life , enjoy mother earth and just write and let my mind speak. My age dont match what i be thinking . I have goals , parties dont excite me , being popular is just trouble. Life aint running away from us but who can we invest our heart in these days. Who to trust who to believe. This is a piece of my ” Pi ” , will forever be growing and not gonna stop. Beneath this mask is more than flesh , more than bone , more than an image there is a mind , heart and soul. 

Strength Through Unity.

Simply love morning thoughts and ideas just flowing , ” strength through unity ” this could be viewed from many different perspectives. When God made man , he also made woman , this is the belief we go by . Everything , everyone , every living life form has something to compliment it . We tend to be alone with our own thoughts , with heartbreak , pain and life trials we tend to get scared of something beautiful as love. Love suppose to be accepted unconditionally , doing things as a team working together for the betterment of each other lives . That is where u will see strength through unity , everything / everyone commends someone.

Keep it 100 %

This could have a lot of meanings , but i will be shining the light on it from a different perspective . I have grown to learn ( although im 21 ) that at all points / stages in your life keep your standards high , keep your morals and have your values. Dont conform to any means of pleasing society or because statistically everyone’s doing it . Be you be who you are , if you’re a loner , a hopeless romantic , or even someone who party every weekend.  Have self respect , a man / woman will only respect you if you respect yourself.  God didnt make love difficult for us but for us humans what is love , everyone has their own way / type of love .  Know your limit and worth. Be the person you want to attract , be kind , caring , honest , be good and good will follow , dont mind you dont get it right the first time never ever lose hope. Let them love you with your clothes on rather than off . Interest them with your mind , your intellectual conversations . Be observant. Remember to always keep it 100 % nothing more or less . ^_^

Choices , Chances , Changes.

00000-the-3-Cs-of-life-quotes choice Right Decision, Wrong Decision Road Sign


Finally decided to begin this and i am glad i did , its a getaway a place to be free without the judgement of outside world. The 3 C’s in life . They all go exceptionally well hand in hand , for we all have a choice to either to do good or bad , it comes back down to the base the root of it all. How we are raised always have a part to play in our choices in life , but maybe we are just lost and dont know which road or which way to turn. The saying friends always lead you but they dont bring you back or you could lead a horse to water but cannot make it drink , basically it always come down to you as a person what you want to do , wrong always seem so easy to do , but good always seem difficult to come by , be it a good gf / gf , good house , financially stable etc etc ………………. Now i am saying with chances , you got to grasp it , pick it as it comes or it might never come again , we have a chance to love or to make someone smile then take that chance. Make that choice / decision to grasp that opportunity. Time is something that will never be returned. ………. At the end of it all after the choice is made the change is the last result , always try and make a positive change , although it was a bad decision or choice. Because negativity brings you no where . Its difficult most times to make the right choices in life but never feel down if u fall down sometimes from the bad decision , make a full 180 turn and learn from your pain grow from your wrong choice , be it personal , relationship , friends etc….. It is never too late.